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Spellbound Mystery

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So do I! If we're not at a quilt show coming to your town soon, or if you're unable to visit us here at the mercantile, I invite you to take advantage of our online shopping. Or perhaps you want more of the beautiful hand dyed, sueded cotton you bought at our booth.

You can order Liberty Homestead Quilt Books, Patterns, and Kits, as well as our own Hand Dyed Sueded Cotton right from your home.

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Liberty Homestean Quilts

The Pumpkin Patch

Spellbound Mystery Sew a longWelcome to the Pumpkin Patch! This page is dedicated to all things Autumn. Like the changing leaves, the fall harvest, the last remaining thoughts of the summer, & the first hints of the upcoming holiday season. And of course - Halloween! Below you’ll find some of my favorite Halloween patterns - pillows, embroideries, quilts & table runners. Time to get your Spook on!

And for a limited time we have a special guest here in the Homestead Pumpkin Patch – the Spellbound Mystery Sew-A-Long! Welcome to all the members of our on line group.  Below you’ll find my block titled “Knock, Knock – Who’s There?”   This block combines wool applique with embroidery and a lot of fun embellishments.  Below you’ll find the Pattern, the Fabric Pack, and the Embellishment Pack.  All 3 of these have free shipping!  There’s also a free download for our members.


Click Here to Download Free Pattern
(Note: You should be able to print firectly from the browser window, if not, you will need Adobe Reader (free version) or Adobe Acrobat in order to open, read, and print. Click here to download the most recent version of Adobe Reader if you don't already have it! Click the link above and the PDF file should open up in a new browser window, you can doanlowd or print from there. If you are unable to get files to open automatically, please right click on file link, click Save Target or Link As... save to your pc and open manually. Thanks!
Printing: Pattern is designed to print on 8.5" x 11" letter sized paper, make sure your printer settings are correct and click FIT to page so that the image will print completely on the paper.)


Complete printed pattern with photo.  This 9" block is made using wool applique and simple embroidery (it’s all the basic backstitch).  And embellishments!  Ms Spider has disguised herself as the queen of the Mardi Gras.  And she’s going for the best costume award at the Halloween Ball.  I hope she'll win? 

$9.95 – Free Shipping!
This kit contains the following:
1)  6 skeins of DMC 6 strand embroidery floss.
2)  Tiny Purple ric-rac trim – Trick or Treat sign.
3)  Tiny Orange ric-rac trim – Smell My Feet sign.
4)  Approximately ½” Ivory ric-rac trim – spider’s mask.
5)  Just Another Button Company buttons:
2 Red buttons – spider’s eyes.
20 tiny buttons – Blue, Red, Purple, Orange, Yellow
- on and around the feathers on the mask..
6)  Purple nubby yarn – hairy spider legs.

$20.00 – Free Shipping!

: This kit contains the following:
1) 11” x 11” square of the green background fabric.
2) Purple, Yellow, & Brown felted wool.
3) Red & Ivory wool felt.
4) Pre-printed “Trick Or Treat” and “Smell My Feet” Cotton fabric for the spider’s signs.

$20.00 – Free Shipping!

Finished Size:  12 ½” x 12 ½”

Welcome to the Icky Witchy Boutique.  All the coolest witches in town know this is the best place to shop for their spell-making needs.  After all, you can’t make the best spells without the best ingredients on your pantry shelves - am I right?

LH309 Pattern - $9.95
LH309 – Kit & Pattern - $31.95 (Does not include Backing.)


Nothing says Autumn like the crisp fall air, the beautiful changing colors of the trees, and – of course – the pumpkin patch! The following 3 little pillows feature three different pumpkins all dressed up & ready to go for their big night out on Halloween. The pillows all feature pumpkins made with wool felt & some embroidery. They’re finished with Liberty Homestead’s hand dyed cottons with star buttons and ric-rac trim. Pick a favorite or make them all for a whimsical touch to your harvest home.

Liberty Homestead The Pumpkin PatchSURPRISE, SURPRISE!
Finished Size: 9” x 11”

The look of surprise on the face of this little pumpkin suggests he just saw his reflection and realized there’s a bouquet of flowers growing out of his head! Oh my!

LH301 Pattern - $9.95
LH301 Kit Only, No Pattern (Includes Backing) - $19.95
LH301 Kit + Pattern - $25.95

Liberty Homestead The Pumpkin PatchJUST A LITTLE CONFUSED
Finished Size: 9” x 9”

This is the guy walking down the Halloween candy aisle of the grocery store wondering how to justify why he needs to buy one of everything. I could help him out with that.

LH302 Pattern - $9.95
LH302 Kit Only, No Pattern (Includes Backing) - $19.95
LH302 Kit + Pattern - $25.95

Liberty Homestead The Pumpkin PatchHALLOWEEN STRESS
Finished Size: 8” x 9 ½”

Yeah, this guy was in charge of the kids’ Halloween party at school. And treats. First graders. Ask me how I know.

LH303 Pattern - $9.95
LH303 Kit Only, No Pattern (Includes Backing) - $19.95
LH303 Kit + Pattern - $25.95



There’s sure to be mischief in the air with these spooky stitches around the house. Each finished piece fits in an 8” x 10” frame, or you could make them into fun little pillows. Choose your favorite or make all three – and put a smile on the faces of your little goblins!

Liberty Homestead The Pumpkin PatchTHE PUMPKIN TREE
Finished Size: 8” x 10”

A spooky old timey poem, and the answer to the age-old question – “Where do pumpkins come from?”

LH304 Pattern - $9.95
LH304 Kit + Pattern - $16.95

Liberty Homestead The Pumpkin PatchJACK-O-LANTERN
Finished Size: 8” x 10”

Here we have an embroidered pumpkin with flowers growing out of his head. And a flag. And a bat. And a spider. Oh My!

LH305 Pattern - $9.95
LH305 Kit + Pattern - $25.95

Liberty Homestead The Pumpkin PatchTRICK OR TREAT
Finished Size: 5” x 7”
Frame Size: 8” x 10”

There was always one kid in the neighborhood who was a fan of the “smell my feet” poem. Ask me how I know.

LH306 Pattern - $9.95
LH306 Kit + Pattern - $20.95

Finished Size: 33” x 33”

Harvest Nights brings to mind the clear, crisp autumn night skies filled with twinkling stars. This little wall quilt twinkles on it’s own with a variety of Sawtooth Stars in beautiful, subtle fall colors. It would also make a great table topper for Halloween decorating, Thanksgiving gatherings, or just to bring the harvest season into your home.

LH307 Pattern - $9.95
LH307 Kit + Pattern - $64.95
(Pattern Included, does Not include backing.)

Finished Size: 14” x 49”

Bring the beauty of the autumn season into your home with this star studded table runner. The ric-rac borders and star button trims add a wonderful finishing touch. Dress up your table for a Halloween party, Thanksgiving, or any day that needs a festive touch.

LH308 Pattern - $9.95
LH308 Kit + Pattern (includes backing) - $62.95