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So do I! If we're not at a quilt show coming to your town soon, or if you're unable to visit us here at the mercantile, I invite you to take advantage of our online shopping. Or perhaps you want more of the beautiful hand dyed, sueded cotton you bought at our booth.

You can order Liberty Homestead Quilt Books, Patterns, and Kits, as well as our own Hand Dyed Sueded Cotton right from your home.

We offer secure credit card payments, as well as PayPal, and your order will be quickly shipped to your sewing room. (Unless we're at a quilt show! Check out our show schedule when ordering.) Feel free to email me with any questions you have about my designs or fabrics. I love to get e-mail!

Liberty Homestean Quilts

About Liberty Homestead

Liberty HomesteadHi - and welcome to my website. Even though I feel that I have probably met many of you at all the quilt shows we've attended over the years, let me take this opportunity to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about my company.

I'm Glenda Sha and I started my business, Blue Whale Designs, in 1979. (1979 - I must have been but a child!) But my interest in sewing had started long before that. I used to love any kind of crafts or creative activities - especially loved those Crayolas. I can remember that whatever project I was working on, the end result always seemed to be a little different than the picture - there was always some little thing I needed to change around. This was particularly true with my sewing. For Christmas of my senior year in high school, my parents gave me a brand new White sewing machine - went forward, backward, and even zig-zagged! From there on the sky was the limit. I don't believe I've ever used a pattern or followed directions since then - I was into the creative end of things with both feet.

After a short break for the college experience, when I found myself in the work-a-day world of 9 to 5 in the insurance biz, I returned to my sewing. I started making finished quilt items - purses, baby blankets, etc. -and selling them on consignment in local shops. After my daughter was born I again took a short break and just enjoyed being a mom. When my daughter turned two, I told myself it was time to get back into things. I had a plan. I was going to try to turn my love of sewing into a business - a business that would allow me to stay at home with my daughter. I went back to making finished items, expanding my inventory to include decorative wall pieces and little hand-sewn gift items. I once again hit the road, placing my work in local retail shops on a consignment basis. From there I hit the mall shows, and eventually graduated to working with my own rep in the Kansas City Gift Market. This is where things started to take off. When I signed the contracts with my reps, they required that my business have a name. Yikes. My parents were visiting me at the time and we were discussing this new dilemma. My Dad said - pick something you like; you like whales, don't you? (I have a wonderful old wooden whale hanging in my kitchen that used to hang outside a whaling pub on the North Atlantic coast many, many years ago. I had made one for my Dad from two planks of oak for Christmas one year. It's a whale thing.) So I said yes. He said what's your favorite color? I said blue. There you have it - Blue Whale Designs. Since I was working in the gift market, my company name didn't necessarily have to be descriptive of my work - just something I liked. Now that I'm in the quilt business, I'm often asked how I came up with such a name, since it's seemingly irrelevant to my work. It is. Irrelevant. But now you know why!

But I digress. During my years in the gift market selling finished quilted items (of my own design, of course!) women often asked where they could get the patterns to do these projects themselves. Hmmmm. Light Bulb. And that's how I got my start in publishing. I published a line of patterns for the same projects that had brought me to this point. Later I branched out into the needlework market, publishing my original cross stitch designs as well. For many of the needlework designs I also offered finished accessories; this put me right back into the gift market. It was at this time that Liberty Homestead came to be. Originally intended to distinguish the quilt side of the business from the needlework & gift lines, it's now a business on it's own. As many people know me simply by Liberty Homestead as Blue Whale. A little confusing at times, but now that you know the whole story, you can pass it along!

At a recent quilt show a woman came into my booth and started talking about my "style". She wondered what I would I call my work- what niche would I put myself in? After discussing the possibilities, and after a third woman joined the group, we decided on "Folk Art". I think this most accurately describes my work. I do very often use traditional folk art themes in my quilts. And I also lean heavily to the traditional quilt blocks, using them intact and also showing several variations. I like to combine techniques - piecing, applique, simple embroidery. And I like to combine textures - cottons, flannels, and wools. All things in moderation. And anything goes, as long as it goes in good taste- and looks good!

My newest venture, one I am very excited about, is my own line of hand dyed sueded cottons. These beautiful fabrics are the same fabrics I use in all my quilts featured in the popular "Farmhouse Quilts" quilt book series. These 100% cotton fabrics have a wonderful soft texture which makes them a delight to quilt with. And they combine beautifully with other fabrics such as prints, plaids, and flannels. I began this line with the five basic colors I use all the time, and have added many more colors. Look for these wonderful fabrics in the shopping cart under "Hand Dyed Sueded Cotton".

When I'm not here sitting behind my desk or in front of my computer or at my sewing machine, I'm usually on the road traveling. I've been traveling to all those wonderful quilt shows where I truly do enjoy meeting all you quilters out there. I love to talk with you and get your input on what you like, what you don't - I try to incorporate this in my work. And in between shows, let me know what you're thinking. E-mail me at the address - I love to get mail!

Thanks for the chat.
Enjoy the site.
Make a quilt!